Hot on the heels of their successful collaboration in DEAR MASTER at the Little Fish Theater in Los Angeles; Branda Lock and Joshua Thomas are proud to present the Los Angeles Premiere of LET THERE BE THISTLES.

Written by Thomas and directed by Lock, THISTLES was previously performed in St Louis, Missouri in a joint production between DUSTY BUMS PRODUCTIONS and FIRST RUN THEATRE with the God performed by Robert Ashton and Thomas directing. With sold out performances and rave reviews in St Louis under its belt, it's time for THISTLES to hit the stage in the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival. 

   Joshua Thomas              Branda Lock

“..full of parti-colored thought and wit – a refreshing flash-back to the Existentialists and Absurdists of the fifties and sixties..”

“All he has to ease his solitude is fleas and thistles—and pathetic, often hilarious, self-delusion.”

“..absolutely scrumptiously funny.”

“..he has a clever way with words and an off-kilter approach to intelligent dialogue that makes this effort sparkle.”

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